A Costly Matter

Heating And Cooling Efficiently

heating and coolingAs much as half of the energy in homes and commercial environments goes to heating and cooling the structure.  When perishable items or food items requiring to be held at temperature are involved then the heating and cooling costs go up even more.  So making smart decisions on your heating and cooling equipment is vital to keep overhead down.  Take these steps to maintain your heating and cooling equipment in proper working order and prevent unnecessary costs.

Change Filters In Heating and Cooling Equipment Regularly

Check filters in heating and cooling equipment monthly.  It’s especially vital to check filters in your heating and cooling equipment during heavy use months when they can cost you the most money.  Dirty filters can slow down the air flow in the heating and cooling equipment and make it run less efficiently.  A clean filter will also prevent the build up of dust or other particulates in the heating and cooling equipment which can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Perform Regular Maintenance On Your Equipment

Just like keeping your car in tip top running condition, heating and cooling equipment requires regular maintenance.  Performing regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling equipment running efficiently and help prevent unscheduled, emergency repairs when you need the equipment to be working the most.

Install Programmable Thermostats In Your Heating And Cooling Equipment

Rather than manually setting the thermostat as needed, a programmable thermostat will allow you to schedule the settings on your heating and cooling equipment.  This will prevent overheating and under heating when you are away from the equipment.  While a programmable thermostat may cost more on the front end, it will provide you long terms savings for operating your heating and cooling equipment.

Seal The Ducts On Your Heating And Cooling Equipment

Ducting that moves air between your heating and cooling equipment can be huge energy wasters if they have leaks.  By sealing and insulating your ducts, you can save as much as 20% on your energy costs.  First seal the ducts for your heating and cooling equipment and then insulate the ducting .

Ask A Professional To Provide You An Energy Audit

Replacing hold heating and cooling equipment may seem expensive on the front end, but if it is not running efficiently due to wear and tear the smart move might be to spend money on replacing it.  A heating and cooling professional will be able to tell you where you’re losing money and how to improve your system.  While fixing existing heating and cooling equipment might be possible you might be better off in the long run with new equipment.

Call Sacramento Refrigeration for a FREE audit of your heating and cooling systems.  As professionals in the heating and cooling business we can tell you where your losing money and provide the best options for saving you money.