Frigid Hibernation Is A Myth! | Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Commercial Refrigeration Needs Maintenance All Year

commercial refrigerationOften times when the weather turns cold we start to think that our commercial refrigeration system is in some sort of “frigid hibernation” and won’t need to be looked at again until the weather turns warm next summer.

Actually, quite the opposite is true. Commercial refrigeration systems are set up with cold weather compensation controls. When these controls are operating correctly it helps the system run accurately while the temperatures outside drop below the temperature of the case.

In order to make sure that your commercial refrigeration system is energy efficient; your refrigeration equipment should have a yearly winter checkup, and allow things to really be cool in the cold!

Don’t just assume that your commercial refrigeration is running efficiently or more smoothly just because the ambient air temperature outside the unit is cooler in summer.  This type of thinking may get you burned because your food and other perishables will spoil almost as quickly if your commercial refrigeration fails in the winter as compared to summer.

Think about the high demand for food and other perishables that occurs around the holidays.  You don’t want your commercial refrigeration unit to be down when holiday shopping is at its peak.  Keep your commercial refrigeration maintenance going year round by contracting a qualified company to handle scheduled maintenance.

You might be surprised at how economical your commercial refrigeration maintenance turns out to be.  Most skilled technicians can find and service any problems and potential problems very quickly.

In the long run the cost of scheduled commercial refrigeration service will be much cheaper when compared to emergency  service.  Not only will the maintenance costs be lower for scheduled commercial refrigeration service, but you won’t lose potentially thousands of dollars in spoiled perishable goods when your commercial refrigeration unit suddenly fails.

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