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The Importance Of Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial Refrigeration Walk-In Scheduled Maintenance

Most commercial refrigeration walk-ins seem indestructible, but you can extend their life by following the manufacturer’s safety tips and maintenance schedule.  Walk-in coolers and freezers are made for storing larger quantities of food.  If there is lots of in and out traffic in your commercial refrigeration walk-in then there are important maintenance procedures to follow.

Some Maintenance Tricks for Commercial Refrigeration

The door gaskets are usually made of rubber.  So they can break down quicker and easier if they are not cleaned regularly and get caked with food or grease.  This leads to leaks in the door seals which will result in the operating efficiency of your commercial refrigeration walk-in being reduced and your energy costs going up.  Door seals can be easily cleaned to extend their life with baking soda and warm water.  It’s suggested that you don’t use harsh chemical cleansers as this will dry out the rubber.

commercial refrigerationDoor hinges for your commercial refrigeration walk-in can be rubbed with petroleum jelly to make sure they continue to work well.  If these develop a build-up of grease or grime, then their operation will not remain smooth.  This means they will begin to stick resulting in your doors not closing automatically and the cold air escaping.  Again this will result in lower efficiency for your commercial refrigeration walk-in and higher energy costs.

Dirty coils on the refrigeration unit will also make the commercial refrigeration walk-in run less efficiently as the transfer of heat through the coils doesn’t occur as effectively as for clean coils.  This makes the compressor work overtime to maintain the desired temperature of your perishable food items which means the service life of the compressor motor will be reduced.  By frequently cleaning the dust and grime off of your commercial refrigeration coils you’ll reduce the time your compressor needs to run and thereby help your commercial refrigeration run more efficiently.

Cleanliness in Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit is Important

The floors of your commercial refrigeration walk-in should also be kept clean.  This is for safety reasons as well as for health concerns.  If there is lots of foot traffic in and out of the unit, food and other stored items can get dropped.  If they are not cleaned out regularly they can build up causing trip hazards as well as slippery floors.  Not only that, they could begin to rot and develop a bacteria issue.  Walk-in floors should be damp-mopped, but never hosed out.  Excessive water can get into the seals between the floor panels and damage the insulation.  Without proper insulation, your commercial refrigeration will not run as efficiently as it could.

Proper maintenance of your commercial refrigeration walk-in can extend its service life and reduce the operating costs.  Following a regular maintenance schedule will help you keep your commercial refrigeration operating properly and keep your operating costs down.