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Various Types Of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Basics

commercial refrigerationWhenever most of us think about refrigeration all we know about is the refrigerator we have in our home.  We usually don’t consider the fact that the restaurants and grocery stores we patronize use commercial refrigeration to keep the food we buy from them preserved and fresh with commercial refrigeration.  Commercial refrigeration differs from the cooling appliances we have in our homes mostly by size.  There are other differences in commercial refrigeration such as the method by which the air is cooled.  The choice for the restaurant owner or grocery store owner as to which type and size of commercial refrigeration they choose come down to the needs of their business.

Types Of Commercial Refrigeration

The first type of commercial refrigeration that we are going to discuss is blast chillers. There are a number of different types of blast chillers available for your commercial refrigeration needs, but the main purpose behind them is to get the food down to a low temperature as soon as possible. Most of commercial blast chillers available claim to be able to drop food from a temperature of about 70°F down to below 3°F within 90 minutes. For many restaurants and grocery stores that need to store food at certain temperatures to meet health code standards this is especially important.  In the commercial refrigeration world, there are plenty of choices available for blast chillers.  So make an informed decision by working with an experienced commercial refrigeration professional to evaluate your needs and choose the blast chiller that best them.

Other types of commercial refrigeration that you might need include display freezers and display refrigerators. These are typically the ones that you would find in a grocery store or perhaps a convenience store.  They are great for displaying items while keeping them cool and allowing the customer to see what is on the inside without opening the doors. Some of commercial display refrigerators don’t have doors on the front to limit access. These can be found in a variety food stores and only allow access by employees behind the commercial refrigerator. Much like commercial blast chillers, display freezers and display refrigerators come in a wide variety of sizes.  So depending on your needs you can find the one that works best for you.

What Type Of Commercial Refrigeration Is Right For Your Needs?

While there are many off the shelf and standalone units available for blast chillers and display refrigerators and freezers, you might be better suited talking to a commercial refrigeration professional about having your location fitted with something more custom.  The upfront costs may be higher, but in the long run your total costs may be lower due to better operating efficiency.  Speak to your commercial refrigeration professional about your specific case.

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